Filmstrip photo of Israel.

Israel: A Land Between Quiz

The purpose of the quiz is to reinforce the information you learned in the video, and to help you see what you actually retained.

Take your time and think through the video. You may watch the video and retake the quiz as many times as you desire.

1. Israel is a land bridge between which continents?

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2. The feature in green is called the ________________.
3. The fertile crescent is bookended by ______________.
4. True/False: Traveling via the Fertile Crescent, the Babylonians would have entered Israel from the north.
5. True/False: Traveling via the Fertile Crescent, Egyptians would have entered Israel from the north.
6. True/False: King Josiah was killed at Jerusalem.
7. True/False: Traveling via the Fertile Crescent, Egyptian King Neco II was traveling to Charchemish to aid the Babylonians.
8. True/False: The Via Maris Highway is also known as the Interanational Coastal Highway.
9. The stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, generally take place along the King's Highway.
10. Which nation is called a "Land Between"?
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