Pre-Trip Shopping Ideas

Many of our tour participants want to know what they should purchase for the trip. Below are several categories from which group participants often purchase items for their trip. Some of the items offer personal comfort during the long flights to/from Israel. Other’s provide healthcare ideas. The educational category contains suggestions to help the participant have a better understanding of geographic, cultural, and religious issues that will be presented during the trip.

Of course, no participant is required to buy any of the items linked below. They are simply offered as examples of things that may make the trip more enjoyable and fruitful.




Beauty and Health

Educational: Books, Maps, Movies, etc.

Discipleship Travel LLC recommends that each traveler purchase a travel insurance policy that will sufficiently cover any medical emergencies that may arise. Participants may purchase at additional cost a variety of travel insurance policies that cover trip interruption, lost luggage, and medical emergencies. Depending on the specific policy, participants who purchase insurance within 15-21 days of tour registration will receive additional benefits.

To compare policy benefits or to purchase insurance click on the Travel Guard banner below.