client reviews

Having travelled to over 20 countries I am happy to recommend Craig Dunning and Discipleship Travel. They were so easy to work with when we took our church group to Israel last year. Everything was done well. His connection with key people helped to arrange our tailored trip and made it a success. The connections were smooth and his contact people were ready. It was a wonderful experience and we would use them for future trips.

Linzy Sladen

Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church

I lead 2-4 trips to Israel each year and for the last few years have worked with Craig Dunning and Discipleship Travel LLC for all my church trips. Craig has been a delight to deal with. He responds quickly to my questions and provides great advice. We share a love for Christ and for the land of Israel. I would highly recommend Discipleship Travel LLC to you for your Israel trip planning.

Dr. Michael Grisanti, Ph.D

The Master's Seminary

Over the last several years, Crossroads has taken multiple trips with Craig Dunning and Discipleship Travel LLC.  Every experience is unique, and even after numerous trips to Israel, Craig manages to find one or more places or experiences that were not a part of previous ones. 

Professional  preparations for travel, lodging, the itinerary, as well as  for inviting, informing, and building enthusiasm for people to participate are vital.  In all of these areas and more, Craig is  not only masterful, he is also sensitive to individual and group preferences.  He will  work  tirelessly to provide  an amazing experience. His knowledge of “all things Holy Land” is incredible.  His ability to communicate the history, geography, and significance of every site is engaging, insightful, practical and inspiring. 

Any plans for personal and group  travel to the Middle East and specifically the Holy Land will be excellent with Craig and Discipleship Travel LLC.

Pastor Griffin Jones

Crossroads Fellowship, Odessa, TX

Discipleship Travel LLC is a company you can trust if you are planning a group trip soon. For my group trips, Craig has given special attention to details, is courteous and professional in his quick responses, and made sure all areas of our group trip were well managed.

A professional who knows travel helps, insurance requirements, and group needs, you can rest assured that he will take care of your group. I highly recommend Craig Dunning and Discipleship Travel LLC for your next trip!

Ted Marvin

Arlington Baptist University

Long, detailed international trips can be intimidating and scary. That is why it is so nice to work with Discipleship Travel LLC. Every detail, every question, and every concern was handled with patience, care, and knowledge. They have the experience, the knowledge, and the connections to make your trip a safe, successful and powerful experience. It has been a joy to experience in person and I heartily recommend them to you.

President Mark Milioni

Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO

I highly recommend Craig Dunning and Discipleship Travel LLC for your next trip to Israel.  A trip to Israel with Craig is more than just a trip to the Holy Land, it is truly a Discipleship Experience!  Craig has a unique ability to make the Bible come to life as he shares his vast knowledge, of not only the scriptures, but also the history, culture and geography of Israel.  Craig’s trips are very well organized, but at the same time very flexible; we made several unplanned stops as time permitted and the Holy Spirit led.  Each stop was full of great information with very practical application.  A trip to the Holy Land with Craig Dunning will change your life!

Pastor Doug Harris

Central Baptist Church, Deer Park, TX

I recommend Craig Dunning and Discipleship Travel LLC to lead your next trip to Israel. Craig’s knowledge of Israel was so impressive. I was amazed at how he was able to take the scriptures and make the Bible come to life at each place we visited. To be able to walk where Jesus walked was overwhelming. The hotels were very nice, the buses were very clean and comfortable and all the restaurants we ate at had very good food. If you ever get a chance to go to Israel with him I could not recommend it enough. Your life will be changed like you could never imagine.

Gary Wilson

Missions Pastor, High Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

Discipleship Travel LLC and Dr. Craig Dunning have provided me with the most professional Holy Land tours I have ever been a part of organizing. The accommodations in Israel are superb and the itineraries are perfectly structured for every group. The food at every hotel is exquisite. These tours are designed with a completely Biblical orientation and you will receive some of the best instruction that follows the Scriptures every step of the way. Discipleship Travel LLC also adds unique and impactful excursions that few tours ever experience. Their Holy Land tours include a Bible based itinerary and an archaeological emphasis that is usually overlooked. Dr. Dunning and his team provide historical, topographical and Biblical insights to the Land of the Bible that few trips can match. For the first time visitor to Israel or the seasoned veteran, a tour with Discipleship Travel LLC will allow you to view the land of Jesus with “New Eyes”! Experience the Holy Land in an amazing way with the trip of a life-time through Discipleship Travel LLC!

Ray Adams

Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO

If you are considering a trip to Israel and searching for a travel agency, you need to look no more.  Discipleship Travel LLC and Craig Dunning will provide an inspiring trip with memories that will last a lifetime.  Having lived himself in Israel for many years, Craig has superb knowledge not only of the sites of biblical, historical & geographical importance, but also of modern day Israel.  When you return home and read your Bible the stories, the locations, the events jump out of the pages.  Everything about our trip, the travel arrangements, the accommodations, and meals were outstanding.  I highly recommend Discipleship Travel LLC and look forward to going again with them!

Jim Wade

Springfield, Missouri

“When we arrived in Tel Aviv, Craig met us at the airport and accompanied us on our tour for the next nine days. At each of the Biblical sites we visited Craig provided a short, but essential, lecture and discussion of the significance of the site. His lectures were succinct and to the point. Craig is an excellent communicator.

Without a doubt, Craig Dunning greatly enriched our Holy Land experience. Through his lectures and ensuing discussions with our group the Holy Land came alive in a way that would have been impossible without his leadership.”

Harlan Else

Executive Pastor, Fellowship of the Rockies COS

Craig Dunning is extraordinarily well qualified – by reason of education, expertise and experience – to arrange and lead genuine study trips to Israel. He did graduate study of that land in that land, he lived and traveled and taught in the country of Israel for many years, and he has rich experience in touring and teaching the land. But his most important qualification is his capacity and passion to help travelers better understand the God of Scripture by better understanding the narrative of God’s “mighty acts” in history, most of which were played out on the stage of the little land of Israel (Ps 150:2). The better you understand that stage, the more compelling will be the drama. If you are looking for a well-planned and richly profitable time of study and growth in the land of Israel, I highly commend to you the services and ministry of Craig Dunning.

Dr. Doug Bookman, Th.D

Bookman Ministries

My Israel experiences led by Mr. Craig Dunning, from start to finish, have been well-planned and well organized. He doesn’t simply lead a trip, but a faith enriching experience! His first-hand knowledge of scripture, history, people, places and archeological digs in the land is exceptional, and helped our people connect the dots for unwavering faith! I watched the faith of our church leaders, as well as skeptics in our group, become deeper than they ever imagined possible. Mr. Dunning will lead all of our teams in the future.

Pastor Todd Wright

Midway Church, Villa Rica, GA

I highly recommend Dr. Craig Dunning to lead your next trip to Israel. His expertise and knowledge made my trip, truly a trip of a lifetime. I appreciate his knowledge and ability to explain thousands of years of history in an easy to understand and cohesive manner. Going to Israel is the closest you can come, here on earth, to your faith being made sight as you stand where Jesus stood, walk where the prophets walked and worship where the first Christians worshiped. This trip was the best decision I could have made for my personal spiritual growth. I gained a greater understanding of the geography and context of the Bible after a few days in the country than I had in years of study. The trip is well worth the time and money. You will not find a better value in terms of price and quality of trip.

Dr. Brady Blevins, D.Min

Senior Apologist, Watchman Fellowship

Traveling with to Israel with Dr. Craig Dunning and Discipleship Travel LLC was truly a trip of a lifetime. Being in the field where David fought Goliath as the story was read from scripture brought us beyond just a tourist experience. It was amazing to stand along the bank of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus made breakfast for his disciples after the resurrection. Sitting on the steps leading up to the Temple and reading the Psalms of ascent moved us past simple tourism to a moment of personal reflection. Just traveling to the different sites from the Dead Sea to Jericho, Jerusalem, Nazareth and the other places gave perspective you can only get by being there. I highly recommend this trip.

Pastor Eddie Lyons

High Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO