travel insurance

Because International travel has inherent risks, every traveler should have adequate medical coverage in case a medical emergency occurs while you are outside the coverage area of your personal health policy. Some domestic policies will cover you outside the United States, but MANY WILL NOT. Please verify your current coverage, asking specific questions about which doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies are available under your coverage. Additionally, it’s important to understand if you will be required to pay the whole cost of care, then settle with your insurance provider after returning home. Or, will their coverage contract allow you to leave before the bills are settled.

If you do not have coverage or are not sure, you may select from a variety of policies, depending on your determined needs.

Additionally, many travelers find great comfort in having trip interruption insurance, which, depending on the specific plan, may allow you to cancel at the last minute (for covered reasons) without losing any non-refundable payments. Other coverage that is available includes, among other things, lost luggage, missed/delayed flights, and repatriation.

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