travel insurance

Travelers often ask, “Do I need travel insurance?”

Discipleship Travel LLC acts only as an agent for suppliers and is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of luggage and/or personal belongings or for personal injury, accident, and/or illness prior to or during travel. Over the years, we have encountered a myriad of issues that prevented clients from beginning or completing their travel packages. Those things have included, among others things, loss of job, illness or injury, a worldwide pandemic, war or terror events, natural disasters, and the unexpected death of a traveler or a family member. All of these things and more have occurred before and during travel.

Discipleship Travel LLC is not licensed to advise travelers about insurance needs or the specific benefits of any insurance policies. But we can say that all travelers should consider the inherent risks of international travel and their ability to absorb financial losses related to travel. Many travelers utilize travel insurance to eliminate or mitigate their financial liability in the case of trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connections, illness or injury, lost luggage, or other mishaps that may cause financial liability prior to or during travel.

Travel Guard ® provides a variety of policies that may meet your needs. You can examine their offerings at Use agent code 45540902. Call 1 (800) 826-5248 to speak with a Travel Guard agent.

Disclosure: We will receive a commission if a traveler purchases an insurance policy via any Travel Guard ® link on our website or in our emails.