electricity in israel

A tourist asked, “Do I have to use a transformer or adapter for my electrical devices in Israel?”

Electricity in Israel is rated at 220v (220v-240v) 50hz compared to the 110v 60hz that is common in North America. That difference requires certain precautions when using North American appliances and electrical devices, including telephones and computers.

First, let’s clarify the difference between adapters and transformers/converters. Adapters affect the plug; they change the standard American flat posts to Israeli/European round posts. At the right, you can see the standard 2-pin plug used in Israel. Transformers or converters affect the electricity; in this case, they reduce Israel’s 220v down to 110v. Transformers or converters do not affect the hz.

I have recently started using a 3 prong plug adapter that also has 2 USB charging ports. This plug adapter has been very helpful in keeping all my devices together.

Today, many electronic devices (e.g. computers, battery chargers, tablets, phones, etc.) have an internal transformer and can operate safely on 110v or 220v. Check the specs label on your device to see if yours does. Click here for an example. If your device is rated to operate on 100v-240v, you should only need an adapter like the 2-pin(about $7) or 3-pin/USB (about $14) in the photos above. Both are available at Amazon by clicking the photos or links above.

If your device does not operate on 220v, you will need a converter. The size depends on the type of device you want to operate. A 50-watt converter is usually sufficient for basic electronic devices like phones and computers. Heating devices (e.g. curling irons and blow dryers) usually require a more robust converter of at least 1800 watts. Many Israeli hotels have hair dryers and 110 electric outlets for shavers in the bathrooms, which may be a better option than trying to get a North American hair dryer to work properly. Many travelers end up burning up their American hair dryers when trying to use them in Israel. The hair dryer at the right and/or this flat iron are dual voltage 110-240v, work in Israel (with a plug adapter), and have received good customer reviews. They cost about $20 each.

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