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health matters in israel


Generally, US and Canadian citizens are not required to get any immunizations prior to traveling to Israel.

Other Health Concerns

Discipleship Travel LLC can not offer specific medical advice. However, we can direct your attention to the Center for Disease Control’s website, which has a page dedicated to travel to Israel and the West Bank.

We recommend you visit the CDC page linked above and consult with your physician about any immunization you may need before traveling to Israel.

Health Care and Insurance

The health care system in Israel is very good, among the best in the world. So, if you should have a health episode while in Israel, you’ll be in one of the better places in the world for something like that to occur. However, you will be responsible for the cost of your care. You will likely have to pay the entirety of your medical bill before you receive a medical release to leave the country.

Some US-based health insurance policies provide coverage outside the US. Please check with your provider to determine your coverage. Please get everything in writing, and should your provider say that you do have coverage in Israel, please get details of which doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies you can use with your policy.

Discipleship Travel LLC is not licensed to advise travelers about insurance needs or the specific benefits of any insurance policies. However, we can say that all travelers should consider the inherent risks of international travel and their ability to absorb financial losses related to travel. Many travelers utilize travel insurance to eliminate or mitigate their financial liability for trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed connections, illness or injury, lost luggage, or other mishaps that may cause financial liability before or during travel.

Travel Guard ® provides a variety of policies that may meet your needs. You can examine their offerings at Use agent code 45540902. Call 1 (800) 826-5248 to speak with a Travel Guard agent.

Disclosure: We will receive a commission if a traveler purchases an insurance policy via any Travel Guard ® link on our website or in our emails.

Water in Israel

Although the water in Israel – even from public fountains – is safe to drink, Discipleship Travel LLC does not recommend that tourists drink the water. If your stomach is not adjusted to the local water, you might have an upset stomach. Bottled water is available on the bus for a reasonable price. We think spending the money on bottled water is better than risking the day back at the hotel.

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