All published prices are in US Dollars.

All payments from Canada are made by credit/debit card via a secure payment portal.

At the link below,
1. Enter the desired payment amount in US Dollars
2. Select the appropriate fund
3. DO NOT change from Credit/Debit Card (ACH is not allowed from Canada)
4. Press Continue
5. Enter card details, including address
6. DO NOT check the “add processing fee” box
7. Press Give

Canadian group members  may make a payment at the Payment Portal.

Discipleship Travel LLC recommends that each traveler purchase a travel insurance policy that will sufficiently cover any medical emergencies that may arise. Participants may purchase at additional cost a variety of travel insurance policies that cover trip interruption, lost luggage, and medical emergencies. Depending on the specific policy, participants who purchase insurance within 15-21 days (depending on the insurance plan selected) of tour registration will receive additional benefits.

Residents of Canada should seek policy options at

US residents may compare policy benefits or purchase insurance at the Travel Guard banner below.

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