The Discipleship Travel LLC photo scavenger hunt is a fun project that will give you a preview of things you can see in Israel and give you incentive to look more closely. We will continue adding new photos, so check back to get the latest list before you travel.

The basic rules are as follows:

1. Everyone in the group can/should participate.

2. One person or a committee is designated as the judge of the contest.

3. The participants take photos of the listed items/scenes/people daily or throughout the trip, depending on the specific game.

4. Games can be daily, regional, or whole trip. At the end of the designated period, each contestant presents their photos and is judged on how many correct photos are presented. Points are earned based on the difficulty of finding the object/person/scene, and are listed with each photo description.

5. One good way to do the game is to share the photo collections at an after trip reunion. Alternatively, day games, which are much shorter can be presented at the hotel each evening.

6. Have fun, investigate, search, and learn!

Photo Scavenger List

1. Mediterranean sunset (8 points)

1. 6-pointed Jewish Star in the Galilee (3 points)
2. Arbel Cliff in the Galilee (3 points) from the top (5 points) climbing down (10 points)
3. Rolling stone tomb (5 points)

1. Lake Ram (25 points)
2. Land mine sign (20 points)
3. Cows (7 points)

1. Mosque of Omar (8 points)
2. Someone eating a falafel (3 points)
3. Someone wearing a kefiyya (3 points)
4. Christian Quarter Road sign (3 points)
5. Crest of Jerusalem (25 points)
6. Modesty sign (15 points)

Judean Wilderness
1. Flowers in the Desert (15 points)
2. Mar Saba Monastery (75 points)

1. Land Rover Defender (8 points)
2. Bedouin (10 points) You and a Bedouin (20) You drinking tea or coffee with a Bedouin (30 points)
3. Etrog (25 points)
4. Ostrich (25) points
5. Almond tree in blossom (40 points)
6. You and sheep in a field (25 points), add a shepherd (50 points)
7. No Photography sign (25 points)
8. Lavender in bloom (15 points)
9. Peacock (7 points)
10. Sabra (8 points)
11. Samaritan (25 points)