DT1808 Willow Park Baptist Church

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Join Pastor Clark and Tonilyn Bosher
as they journey through the Holy Land
May 30 – June 9, 2017

Tour Itinerary:**


Departing from DFW, the group will connect with an overnight flight to Tel Aviv.

DAY 2 – May 31


Sunset over the Mediterranean, Netanya, Israel

You are scheduled to arrive in Tel Aviv in the the morning and will transfer to your hotel on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Along the way, you will visit Caesarea, where Paul almost persuaded Agrippa to be a Christian, Mt. Carmel, where Elijah challenged the prophets of Ba’al, and the Nazareth Village, a first-century village that will provide a visual and cultural experience of village life in the times of Jesus.

After settling into your room you will enjoy a buffet dinner and have the evening free to enjoy a leisurely stroll or swim in the Sea of Galilee.

Overnight: Sea of Galilee


Jerry Thorpe baptizes Clark Bosher in the Jordan River, June 1988.

Jerry Thorpe baptizes Clark Bosher in the Jordan River, June 1988.

This promises to be a beautiful day as you focus on the ministry of Jesus. You will visit Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Jesus’ ministry center, worship on the Sea of Galilee as you take a boat across the lake to lunch. After lunch, you will visit the baptismal area at the Jordan River, then finish the day’s study tour by getting an overview of Jesus’ Galilean ministry from Mt. Arbel.

Some will choose to hike down the cliff, others will choose the bus ride down and back to the hotel. After a buffet dinner you will be free to visit the lake shore or hang out around the hotel and talk with others about the day’s activities.

Overnight: Sea of Galilee

DAY 4 – June 2

This day will be spent in the north. You will visit Mount Hermon and see and raft on the headwaters of the Jordan River. At Dan, you will see Jereboam’s altar and a rare mud brick gate from the time of Abraham. Next, you will drive up to Caesarea Philippi where Peter made his confession, “Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God.” Finally, you will return to your hotel by way of the Golan Heights. After a buffet dinner you will have a free evening.

Overnight: Sea of Galilee


On today’s itinerary are Bet Shean, the city where King Saul’s body was hung by the Philistines; Gideon’s Spring, where Gideon selected his small army; Tel Jezreel, the home of Ahab and Jezebel; Megiddo, which guards over the Valley of Armageddon; and, finally, a view over the valley from Nazareth.

Overnight: Sea of Galilee

DAY 6 – June 4

After a buffet breakfast, you will bid farewell to the Galilee and make your way “up to Jerusalem.” On the way, you will visit the Samaritans at Mt. Gerizim, Shechem, Shiloh, the Michmash Pass, and Nabi Samwil, where Solomon prayed for wisdom.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem

A very early start will take you to the Dead Sea Valley, including stops at Masada, the Dead Sea and Jericho. The afternoon will bring you to the west of Jerusalem, including stops at Beth Shemesh, Azekah, and the Elah Valley. Bring a bag to gather some smooth stones as souvenirs.

Overnight: Jerusalem

DAY 8 – June 6

An early breakfast will get you ready for a wonderful day in Jerusalem, the Holy City. You will ascend the Temple Mount, the most sacred area in the world for Jews and the third holiest for Muslims. You will visit the Pool of Bethesda (Jn 5) and walk a portion of the Via Dolorosa. You will visit the Western Wall and the Southern Wall excavations. You need water shoes to end the day with a walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel. This 1750 feet long water channel takes you under the City of David to the Pool of Siloam (Jn 9).

Overnight: Jerusalem



Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

After breakfast you will ascend the Mount of Olives for an overview of Jerusalem, the Kidron Valley and the Eastern Gate. Afterward, you will descend by foot to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was betrayed by Judas, then to the Garden Tomb to remember the burial and resurrection of Jesus. After lunch, you will visit the Jewish Quarter, Mt. Zion and the Christian Quarter before finishing the day at the Temple Mount Sifting Project where you will have a chance to find an ancient treasure while helping in an archaeological project.

Overnight: Jerusalem

DAY 10 – June 8

Today will be a special day. You will start the day in Bethlehem before visiting a local congregation, and the Holocaust Museum. After lunch, you will have a free afternoon to shop and freshen up for your trip home.

After your farewell dinner you will have time to prepare your things for a morning return flight.

Overnight: Jerusalem


After breakfast you will say good bye to Jerusalem and transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for your return flight, bringing back to Dallas memories that you will cherish forever.

**The tour itinerary is subject to change according to local conditions.

The Tour Price Explained:

*$4000 per person, double-occupancy. The single supplement is $750.

INSURANCE: Discipleship Travel LLC recommends that each traveler purchase a travel insurance policy that will sufficiently cover any medical emergencies that may arise. If a traveler does not have sufficient insurance coverage, that traveler will be personally responsible for his/her own medical expenses and Discipleship Travel LLC assumes no liability for any such expenses.

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INCLUDED IN PRICE: coach airfare from/to Dallas, Texas, double-occupancy* accommodations in superior to deluxe hotels, entry fees, guides, drivers, breakfast and dinner buffets, one lunch at the fish restaurant, climate controlled buses, porterage, taxes and tips (hotel staff, drivers, and guides). *The single supplement is $750.

NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE: lunches (except as designated in this brochure), a la carte beverages at buffets (e.g., soft drinks and alcohol), daily water or snacks, souvenirs or personal expenses, any expenses resulting from illness or accident, passport costs, or any other expenses not specifically mentioned above as included.

ITINERARY CHANGES: The related itinerary (DT1708) is subject to change according to local conditions, which may include, among other things, weather, security and crowd considerations. If an itinerary change necessitates extra overnights, each traveler will be responsible for the added costs.

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