Why Should I Invest in a Trip to Israel

Perhaps it goes without saying, a trip to Israel isn’t cheap. Some tours are considerably more expensive than others, but none are cheap. That reality causes a number of people to ask, “Why should I invest in a trip to Israel?”

That question could be answered in a number of ways, but it might be best answered by those who have invested in a trip to Israel.

“Before this trip I was excited, but as soon as I got there my excitement immediately turned into total appreciation and disbelief. Here I am in Israel, and all I could think was ‘Why me? How did I get here?’ And, ‘thank you God!’ I couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to go to Israel and see the things I saw and experience the things I experienced.” – Tom

“Going to Israel put so much in perspective for me.” – Karen

“It has opened my view of the gospels SO much more and my perspective has changed when I read them.” – Anna

“After my visit to the Temple Mount, I will never read John 15, 16, and 17 the same.” – Scott

“The Bible has real life inside of me! I read it with greater respect now!” – Rodney

“Seeing the sea from the top of Mt. Carmel like Elijah mentioned made the story really come to life.” – Tamara

“Our reading of the Bible will forever be influenced by the places we visited and the information you shared.” – Mike

“The trip was amazing and life changing. It is completely different to read the Bible or to sit in Minor Prophets class and literally see before your eyes what that certain terrain looks like.” – Rebekah

“For me, it definitely gave my Bible a visual, . . . I learned a lot of history that I can’t learn or experience in a normal classroom or by reading a book.” – Tanya

“Being in the ancient synagogue for church was important and it felt like I was in the stories of the Bible. But then again, the whole trip was like that!” – Tim

“I can’t read John 15-17 the same. I see it in color and it means so much more when you have walked something close to the disciples walk and realize this is JESUS’ last imparting to HIS disciples before HE is crucified.” – Ben

“The geography and topography of Biblical lands is now real for me.” – Katie

“It was very profound for me to read Jesus’ prophecy of the Temple’s destruction, and then look up and see the fulfillment of it [at the Southern Excavation]!” – Kristen

“The synagogue in Capernaum was mind blowing because I could really picture Jesus teaching.” – Nick

“I will never forget sitting on the edge of the Kidron Valley in Jerusalem and hearing about the difference between Jesus’ Kingdom and David’s Kingdom.” – Scott

“Looking out over the ruins [at Capernaum] and picturing men lowering their friend from a rooftop into a house where Jesus was also was a highlight for me.” – John

“To be in the vicinity of where Jesus died for my sins and being able to visualize the true sacrifice and penalty that He paid was truly something that I will never forget.” – Tom

“It was sobering and so mind boggling for me to be in the Garden of Gethsemane.” – Jessica

“The Brow of Nazareth…what a sight! Never get over it.” – Ken

“My Bible became a lot more sacred to me.” – Katie

“I can’t read John 15-17 the same. I see it in color.” – Ben

“Only eternity will tell what your investment meant in the lives of our students.” – Duke

“The high place at Dan was something that is engraved on my mind. It was surreal to sit in a place that the Jews had used to sin against God and realize that I can do the same thing today.” – Rebekah

“The scripture came alive for me I will never read the Bible the same way again. I will pay more attention to the details that I skipped over in the past.” – Joyce

“It’s amazing how understanding the topographical layout of an area can help bring clarity to understanding the text of Scripture.” – Tamara

“It is amazing to now read the gospels and when it says Jesus left a place and traveled to another, I can now picture that in my mind.” – Timothy

“After being at all these ministry spots of Jesus, I literally CANNOT read the gospels the same.” Ryan

“Reading the Psalms of Ascent as we walked up the stairs was an unforgettable experience. It makes so much sense when you read it aloud on location.” Ben

“I think the geography of Jesus ministry was something that I really feel more knowledgeable about now that I’ve been there. That’s one thing that will always stick with me, that’s helping me put NT Scripture into context better.” Jill

“Comparing my days there is like comparing delicious apples and delicious oranges.” Katie