Passengers looks at schedule changes at the airport. Photo: Anete Lusina

Weather, busyness, and the quality of airport and airline operations are all factors in flight cancellations. In all candor, it doesn’t matter why your flight is cancelled, your trip is interrupted. However, the next issues … getting re-booked, hotels, meals, etc. … do matter. If your flight is cancelled because of weather, for example, the airline has no obligation to provide accommodations and/or meals. Those necessities are the traveler’s responsibility. When a flight is cancelled or delayed, who pays for what can be very confusing and a bit complicated for the average traveler.

This is one of many reasons travel interruption insurance is important. And, the more you travel through one of the following airports, the more helpful insurance can be for you.

Below is the list of US airports that have the most cancelled flights.

1. LaGuardia (New York, New York)
2. Norfolk International (Norfolk, Virginia)
3. Charleston AFB/International (Charleston, South Carolina)
4. Greater Rochester International (Rochester, New York)
5. Philadelphia International (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
6. Newark Liberty International (Newark, New Jersey)
7. Theodore Francis Green (Providence, Rhode Island)
8. Ronald Reagan Washington National (Washington, D.C.)
9. Richmond International (Richmond, Virginia)
10. Raleigh-Durham International (Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina)

The above list is based on information provided by The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and is based on the flight cancellation rate of the airport, not any specific airline.