20081213-shepherd-copyThe shepherd is an often used illustration of the life of faith in the Bible. For example, Psalm 23 begins, “The Lord is my shepherd.” Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all shepherds. So were Moses and David. Shepherds were the first to be told of the Lord’s birth, and the first to come and worship the babe in the manger.

Keeping with the imagery, Jesus refers to himself in John 10 as the good shepherd who “lays down his life for the sheep.” And in Matthew 18 he describes how much joy a shepherd has when he recovers one lost sheep, more joy than he has for the ninety-nine who didn’t wander off.

Today, shepherds in Israel aren’t much different than they were in the days of the New Testament. Sure, they may have cell phones and tennis shoes, but they still wander the hillsides leading and protecting their flock.

On your trip to Israel, you’ll have the opportunity to see shepherds in action and to learn more about the Good Shepherd, our Lord Jesus. Join a Discipleship Travel LLC group for an amazing journey of a lifetime in the footsteps of Jesus.