Dr. Doug Bookman
Shepherds Seminary
Cary, North Carolina

Craig Dunning is extraordinarily well qualified – by reason of education, expertise and experience – to arrange and lead genuine study trips to Israel. He did graduate study of that land in that land, he lived and traveled and taught in the country of Israel for many years, and he has rich experience in touring and teaching the land. But his most important qualification is his capacity and passion to help travelers better understand the God of Scripture by better understanding the narrative of God’s “mighty acts” in history, most of which were played out on the stage of the little land of Israel (Ps 150:2). The better you understand that stage, the more compelling will be the drama. If you are looking for a well-planned and richly profitable time of study and growth in the land of Israel, I highly commend to you the services and ministry of Craig Dunning.

Todd Wright
Lead Pastor
Midway Baptist Church
Villa Rica, Georgia

My Israel experiences led by Mr. Craig Dunning, from start to finish, have been well-planned and well organized. He didn’t simply lead a trip, but a faith enriching experience! His first-hand knowledge of scripture, history, people, places and archeological digs in the land is unparalleled, and helped our people connect the dots for unwavering faith! I watched the faith of our church leaders, as well as skeptics on the team, become deeper than they ever imagined possible. Mr. Dunning will lead all of our teams in the future.

Dr. Brady Blevins
Arlington Baptist College
Arlington, Texas

I highly recommend Dr. Craig Dunning to lead your next trip to Israel. His expertise and knowledge made my trip, truly a trip of a lifetime. I appreciate his knowledge and ability to explain thousands of years of history in an easy to understand and cohesive manner. Going to Israel is the closest you can come, here on earth, to your faith being made sight as you stand where Jesus stood, walk where the prophets walked and worship where the first Christians worshiped. This trip was the best decision I could have made for my personal spiritual growth. I gained a greater understanding of the geography and context of the Bible after a few days in the country than I had in years of study. The trip is well worth the time and money. You will not find a better value in terms of price and quality of trip.

Pastor Charles Bartlett
Anchor Baptist Church
Wichita Falls, Texas

Our trip to Israel opened our eyes to see what we had only been taught in Scripture. To be able to walk where Jesus and others walked, to be in the places where many of the events of Scripture took place was exciting and eye-opening for us. When possible, I would like to go again.

Pastor Doug Harris
Agnes Baptist Church
Springtown, Texas

Word’s alone cannot describe the impact my trip to Israel has had on my life and my ministry. Walking where Christ walked has made the Bible come more alive to me. It has helped me to preach with greater clarity and more passion.