read a children’s bible?

Our participants come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are quite familiar with the Bible and others not so much. We are happy that both groups are pursuing a better knowledge by traveling to Israel.

For those who are less familiar with the Bible, one of the most important recommendations we can make to help you prepare for your trip to Israel is to read a children’s Bible. And then read it again! And again! Read several stories per day for a few months leading up to your trip.

The strategy of this suggestion is to help you get familiar with the stories that your tour guide will be referencing, at times, in rapid fire succession. Most tourists find that they are not as familiar or fresh with the Bible stories as they would like to be when the guide/teacher is talking.

While a children’s Bible will not give you depth, it will provide you with a survey familiarity with many stories, enabling you to make quicker mental connections during the teaching times. And this will increase the impact of your Israel study tour.

Here are four options that we recommend. For more information on any of these books, click on the title link and the item will open in The Beginner’s Bible, The Children’s Bible, Bedtime Bible Story Book, and The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories.