Galilee Fishing Video

Our friends at SourceFlix have done it again. Below is their newest release: Galilee Fishing. Discipleship Travel LLC recommends SourceFlix as a quality, informative, and reliable resource for Bible background materials. Please visit their website.

Galilee Fishing with Watermark from on Vimeo.

Can we have a 4×4 tour?

Discipleship Travel LLC can schedule a 4×4 tour for all or a portion of the group.

Groups that are interested in a 4×4 tour have a variety of terrain options: the mountains of the Galilee and Golan Heights, along the upper section of the Jordan River, along the beach on the Mediterranean coast, or in the Judean Wilderness. We can also schedule a 4×4 tour in conjunction with an evening meal with the Bedouin in the Negev Desert.


More hotel rooms on the way in Israel

Due to a growing shortage of hotel rooms in Israel, the Israel Ministry of Tourism has approved approximately $57 million in grants for six projects to build 375 new hotel rooms in Jerusalem and Nazareth. In addition to the new rooms, the grant will also provide for the renovation of the Dan Pearl Hotel near the Jaffa and New Gates in Jerusalem.

Source: Israel Ministry of Tourism and Sar-El.

Scavenger Hunt – 6-pointed Star

In order to help prepare our travelers for their journey to Israel, we are going to create a photo scavenger hunt, which is a fun project that will provide a preview of things you will see and also create an interest in hunting for special sights in the Land.

Our first item is a 6-pointed “Jewish Star” that was carved in stone and used to decorate a synagogue in the Galilee. See if you can get a photo of this star on your next visit to Israel. (5 points)

Israel Tourism is UP

In spite of increased political tensions in the region, tourism to Israel was up this summer. Statistics from the Israel Ministry of Tourism indicate that almost 242,000 tourists entered the country in June 2012, which is a 6% increase over the previous year. Visitors from the Far East rose by 26%, while visitors from the Americas rose about 8%.

The increase in tourism is reflected in a 13% increase in overnights in Jerusalem hotels and 7% in Tiberius.

The positive numbers in tourism are good for Israel’s economy, but make it more difficult, though not impossible to find accommodations. Planning and booking a group tour early is the best way to beat the crowds. Discipleship Travel LLC is happy to help you plan your group’s next visit to Israel.

HT: Israel Ministry of Tourism and Sar-El.