Is it safe to drink the water in Israel?

Israel is a world leader in water technology, and the water is generally safe to drink.

While in the hotels it is usually okay to drink the filtered water that is served at meals. Also, it is generally safe to brush your teeth with the water in the hotel rooms. However, the safest course of action is to drink bottled water because your stomach may not be ready for microbes that are common for Israelis. (Likewise, Israelis may not be ready for microbes you have become accustomed to in the United States.)

We definitely recommend drinking only bottled water (i.e. no drinking fountains) while out touring. This will help ensure that you don’t need to stay behind for a day or more due to an upset stomach. Bottled water is available on your bus for a reasonable price. This makes it easy to get a few bottles for use in the hotel when you arrive for the evening, and then to refresh yourself throughout the day as needed.

The cost of bottled water is not included in the tour price and is the responsibility of the user. Each person may react differently to the various water sources available in Israel and is solely responsible for their decision to use or not use bottled water.

If you are on an extension to Egypt or Jordan, we suggest you use only bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth in those countries.

Scavenger Hunt – Etrog

The etrog is the fruit of the Citron tree and is one of the four agricultural species required as part of the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) holidays. See Leviticus 23:4 for the complete list of agricultural species.

If you can get a photo of an etrog you get 25 points.

Are there restrictions on the items I can bring back the United States?

Yes, there are restrictions on certain items. The United States Customs and Border Patrol has a helpful website . Also, see the helpful “Know Before You Go” page.

Discipleship Travel LLC has no influence in what can and can not be brought back to the United States. There is nothing we can do to help a traveler that is detained by US Customs and Border Patrol due to contraband. Please make sure you are aware of the current restrictions by visiting the pages linked above.

Scavenger Hunt – Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is the vehicle of choice for professional 4×4 outfits in Israel. They are amazing vehicles with a rich history. If you get a photo of a Land Rover Defender (in any setting) you get 8 points.

Jerusalem Marathon 2013

The date for the 2013 Jerusalem Marathon is March 1, 2013. More information is available at the Jerusalem Marathon web page.