Many of our clients may be interested in this letter from the Israel Ministry of Tourism regarding tourism and the current unrest. Discipleship Travel LLC provides this letter to help you make informed decisions regarding travel to Israel.

You may see the original letter as a PDF. Click HERE


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From the Office of the Director General of the Israel Ministry of Tourism

Dear Friends,

We welcome you to enjoy the warm weather, tourism sites, museums, holy places, attractions, restaurants and night life – all open and operating as usual in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv as in all areas of the country.

Currently more than 100,000 foreign tourists are on holiday in Israel. Groups and individuals continue to arrive daily and they feel safe and are enjoying themselves. Everyday life in Israel is normal. Children go to kindergarten and school, local residents go to work and business continues as usual. The headlines about the situation in countries along the Mediterranean Sea are not relevant to our daily lives.

A wide range of international events are taking place at various locations in the coming days and weeks including the 19th International Harp Contest in Acco from November 23-December 3, the European Short Course Swimming Competition in Netanya and Superstar American comedian Jerry Seinfeld will perfrom in Tel Aviv in December as part of his world tour. Christmas celebrations are underway preparing for the thousands of foreign tourists who will partake in the festivities.

In addition, international conferences and exhibitions are going on in venues throughout the country as planned.

We look forward to welcoming you to Israel.

Best Regards,

Amir Halevi
Director General