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Professor Dunning teaching along the Nazareth Ridge.

Professor Dunning teaching on the Nazareth Ridge.

Craig Dunning is the lead professor of intercultural studies at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. He earned a master’s degree in Biblical History and Geography from Jerusalem University College. It was during these studies, that Craig’s love for the land and people of the Bible was birthed.

Craig lived in Israel for 16 years, which gave him the opportunity to become an expert in the religious and social practices of the Jewish and Arab populations in Israel and the West Bank. For more than 25 years Craig has combined his knowledge of the local culture and the history and geography of the Bible to help students and tourists grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible.

Ben Feldott moved to the Cape and founded Cape Cod Church with his wife, Tammy, less than a year after getting married in 1991. Growing up in Springfield, MA, Ben came to faith in Christ as a child – later during his teenage years he began speaking in his youth group and at a local “rescue mission” an experience he says led to a “lifetime calling.” After High School he attended and graduated from college in Boston, studying theology & pastoral ministry. Father of three daughters and one son, Ben still finds time to indulge his passion for reading, cheering on his kids at sporting events, and enjoying life on Cape Cod..

Ben’s passion for leading and teaching at Cape Cod Church can be felt throughout the church community. He enjoys the challenge of communicating eternal truth within the secular culture of New England, as well as finding creative ways to drive home relevant and practical teachings on Sunday mornings. On a Sunday morning this can mean a moving story from our community, humor drawn from the latest headlines, or the latest songs from the radio, but it always means something you can live out when you walk out of the church.

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