1807 FAQ

1806 Full Registration Form Ground-ONLY Registration Form

Can I get a single room?

Yes, there are a limited number of single rooms available. However, there is a single supplement fee required for a single room. The fee for this tour is $850.

What is the difference between a full package and a ground-only package?

The only difference between the two is that the full package provides group airfare while the ground-only package requires the participant to provide his/her own flight arrangements. This difference is reflected in the price.

If I am flying with the group, can I upgrade my ticket or confirm specific seats on my flights?

The group airfare contract for 1807 does allow participants to upgrade their seats for extra legroom, but not to business. Such upgrades are at an additional cost to the participant. NOTE: There are a limited number of extra-leg room seats available on any flight, and these upgrades are available only after group ticketing.

All seats are assigned by the airline. The group airfare contract for 1807 does not allow Discipleship Travel LLC to request specific seats including windows/aisles or side-by-side. Thus, there is no guarantee couples will be seated next to each other.

If you want to upgrade your seat (extra-legroom coach or business), contact Craig Dunning at any of the contact points provided in the box at the top left of this page.

Can Discipleship Travel LLC help me make my own flight arrangements?

If you want to purchase your own flight Discipleship Travel LLC can certainly help you with those arrangements. Please contact Craig Dunning at any of the contact points provided in the box at the top left of this page.

If you want to use miles to obtain your own flight, you must deal directly with your airline’s reward department.

What should I keep in mind if I make my own flight arrangements?

The most important consideration is that you must coordinate your arrival and departure with those of the group. You must be at the airport to meet the group at the designated time of arrival. The bus will not wait for you to arrive. This may mean that you have to arrive in Israel a day earlier than the group or arrange your own transportation to meet up with the group. In that case, Discipleship Travel LLC can help you reserve a hotel room, but you will be responsible for the extra costs involved. Likewise, if you do not transfer to the airport with the group for your departure flight, you will be responsible for all extra costs related to staying longer in Israel and/or getting to the airport.

When should I purchase airline tickets?

In order to avoid penalties and fees imposed by the airlines should changes occur, Discipleship Travel LLC recommends waiting to purchase your airfare until the minimum number of participants (18) have registered for this tour. Discipleship Travel LLC will notify all ground-only participants when minimum participation has been reached. Participants who do not participate in the group airfare arrangements bear all financial responsibilities related to providing their own airfare, and Discipleship Travel LLC is not responsible, nor will Discipleship Travel LLC reimburse such participants for any losses they incur should the group become unviable for any reason.

When should I arrive into Tel Aviv?

Specific details of the group’s arrival time in Israel will be published no less than 120 days prior to departure.

When should I depart from Tel Aviv?

Specific details of the group’s departure time from Israel will be published no less than 120 days prior to departure.

What is the baggage allowance?

Due to charter bus limitations in Israel, each participant is allowed a single large suitcase and one carry-on item.

Group airline contracts allow participants to have one (1) checked bag and one carry-on at no additional cost. The checked bag may weigh up to 50 pounds and measure 62 inches (L+W+D). The carry-on can measure up to 45 inches (L+W+D). Baggage restrictions can vary by airline. Therefore, it is important to verify the specific airline’s baggage regulations before you get to the airport.

What are our accommodations?

*Hotels are subject to change without notice

What is the Cancellation Policy for this tour?

To review the Cancellation Policy for this tour (1807), please see the
Terms and Conditions.

All tips and taxes are included. While a generous tip for drivers, guides, and servers is included in the tour price, if you appreciate the service provided you are certainly welcome to leave an additional tip on the table or add to the amount provided for the guide and driver at the end of the trip.

What out-of-pocket expenses should I expect?

Lunches will be approximately $20 each day. Soft drinks and ice cream cost about $2-3 each. Bottled water is $1-3, and will be available on the bus each day. You can spend from $1 to thousands on souvenirs and collectibles. If you are interested in visiting the diamond factory, please inform your guide so that he can make arrangements.

How much walking will we be doing?

The average day includes approximately 3-5 miles of walking. This is not done in a single walk; rather it is done in small increments throughout the day, and you will have opportunities to rest along the way. Please begin preparing for this element of the tour now. Start by doing small walks, then slowly build up your distance. Also, include some inclines (hills or stairs) in your routine.

Other questions?

Please contact Craig Dunning at any of the contact points provided in the box at the top left of this page.


Discipleship Travel LLC recommends that each traveler purchase a travel insurance policy that will sufficiently cover any medical emergencies that may arise. Participants may purchase at additional cost a variety of travel insurance policies that cover trip interruption, lost luggage, and medical emergencies. Purchase insurance within 15 days of tour registration and receive additional benefits.

To compare policy benefits or to purchase insurance click on the Travel Guard banner below.