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Arlington Baptist College – Spring Break 2013
Mission Trip in the Dominican Republic
March 12 – March 18
Ground Package $700

Trip Details:
Join group leader Vickie Brown of the Arlington Baptist College Education Department and hosts John and Lynn Cunningham of the World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency on this unique opportunity to serve the Lord by serving the children and teachers of Las Palmas Christian School in San Pedro, Dominican Republic.

While in the Dominican Republic the group will primarily serve at the Las Palmas Christian School, but other ministry opportunities will be available as well. Each day’s activities will be scheduled by our hosts, John and Lynn Cunningham. In addition to various ministry opportunities, the group will see some historical sites, shop in the market, and have a snorkeling trip to Catalina Island.

The group will depart DFW on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 and return to DFW on Monday, March 18, 2013. The ground package price of $700 is based on a minimum of 8 passengers and includes room and board (3 meals per day), in country transportation and the boat trip to Catalina Island.

Each participant will purchase their airline ticket separately according to the group itinerary.

The group price does not include airfare, travel insurance, passport costs, parking at or transportation to and from DFW Airport, personal shopping, medical costs, or other miscellaneous personal costs initiated by the participant.

December 24, 2012 – First payment – $100
January 31, 2013 – Second payment – $300
March 1, 2013 – Final payment – $300

You should purchase your airline ticket as soon as possible. The price is not locked until ticketed.

Cancellations and Refunds:
If at any time the group number falls below eight, the ground package price will be changed accordingly. Each traveler is responsible for any price increase and agrees to pay the difference. Due to the small number of this group there will be no refunds for any reason.

Travelers should purchase (at extra cost) travel insurance that provides trip interruption and health insurance. You NEED insurance. An insurance offer sheet will be provided separately. Download insurance offer sheet.

For more information contact:
Prof Craig Dunning (817) 461-8741 *143
Prof Vickie Brown (817) 461-8741 *135

Download brochure and complete the registration form and return to Craig Dunning or Vickie Brown.

Contract Conditions:
Discipleship Travel LLC (Tour Operator) agrees to arrange for the tour described in this brochure. This represents the entire agreement between the passenger and his agent, the Tour Host, the Tour Operator and its agents. Except as stated herein, no person is authorized to cancel, modify, or vary the tour arrangements or to make any representation of warranty concerning the tour. Except for the willful negligence of its direct employees, the Tour Operator assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries, damages occasioned by circumstances beyond the control of Tour Operator, or by any person for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to default or omission of and by any third party providing services or facilities related to or included in this tour or any part thereof, or in arranging for the same, or the acts or omissions of the Tour Host. Due to circumstances beyond the Tour Operator’s control, the sequence of touring sites or daily activities may occasionally need to be altered. The airlines or cruise lines are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time the passengers are not on board planes, ships or conveyances. The passenger contracts, in use by the airlines and cruise lines, and the passenger or purchaser of this tour and/or passage and Tour Operator assume no liability or responsibility in connection therewith. Also, the Tour Operator, group leader, or group host WILL NOT BE responsible for: (a) flight schedule changes, mechanical breakdowns, government actions, weather, acts of God, acts of war or aggression, whether declared or undeclared, hijackings, or other circumstances beyond its control, including any connecting flights that may be missed as a result thereof (participants should consider the possibility of delays when arranging connecting flights); (b) the failure to follow instructions, including but not limited to check-in and check-out times and baggage handling; and, (c) charges incurred relating to single room/stateroom requirements either by the passengers themselves or their assigned roommates. Payment of the deposit or any partial or full payment for a reservation constitutes consent to all provisions listed in this brochure.