Is a trip to Israel really worth the cost?

Many people wonder if a trip to Israel is worth the cost. One might think the automatic answer from a travel agency is YES! However, we at Discipleship Travel LLC realize there are many factors that determine a trip’s value. We also realize that not all Israel Tours are the same, neither are all travelers.

Two major problems that we have seen many times are tour companies that are focused on making as much money as possible and tourists that are interested in a vacation more than learning the Bible. In the case of the former, the package prices are higher, sometimes considerably, and it seems there is more time spent shopping than touring. In the case of the latter, the tourist gets frustrated because things are different than back home, the hotel or food or entertainment isn’t what they expected, or the days are too long. In both cases, we think the trip isn’t worth the cost.

Discipleship Travel LLC focuses on providing value for your investment by keeping costs as low as possible, using guides who are paid and tipped well so they don’t feel the need to have endless shopping stops, and prepping the groups for a true study tour.

Because we believe the Bible is not just a holy book – it is a life changing book – we are committed to emphasizing learning the Bible on location. Our tours are not designed to give a cursory look at a few sights each day and go shopping. Instead, while we do provide shopping opportunities, we spend the bulk of our time visiting biblical sights and studying on location. We intend for our guests to not only do pre-trip reading, but to also bring their Bibles on locations and begin to read them more intelligently and “see the stories in color.” We also seek out of the ordinary learning opportunities. For example, on one occasion Craig met a holocaust survivor in the breakfast line and asked him to speak to the group on the bus before they left for the day. You can read the story here.

You may also find the testimony of these people helpful in answering whether our tours are worth the price.


An Animated “History” of the Holy Land

Self-described “cynical cartoon artist” turned animation artist, Nina Paley, has created a VERY graphic, animated history of the battle for the Holy Land called This Land is My Land. As the animation progresses from earliest history to the modern struggle over the land, the viewer is serenaded by the late Andy Williams who is singing Pat Boone’s This Land is Mine. A lot of detail has gone into this 3 and 1/2 minutes piece. For example, the animation is cleverly coordinated with the lyrics, which provides rich irony for the attentive listener.

A “viewer’s guide” is provided here (WARNING: scatological reference) that might be helpful in recognizing the cast of caricatures. Students of the region, might find it more interesting to try to identify the caricatures without the guide, then check themselves afterward.

A final word: The animation represents an artist’s frustrated effort to illustrate a particular view or understanding (perhaps the major global understanding of those who are watching from afar) of the long conflict over the land that is often called the Holy Land. It skips both historical and theological detail and nuance, which is likely out of both necessity and perspective. While it does provide a certain angle to the conflict, watching it does not provide the viewer with a complete understanding of the history. The issues are not this simple.

To put a finer point on this, a friend remarked, “That the angel of death is the ‘real hero of the Old Testament’ couldn’t be more wrong. In a world of death, the OT was the one source of life.”

One of the guiding principles and a distinction of Discipleship Travel LLC is that we provide our travelers with a view of the history of the Holy Land that includes the theological motivations and influences that are so important to a proper and more complete understanding of the region’s history. We emphasize helping our participants understand how Scripture and history walk hand in hand; in other words, how the pieces fit together in a way that is neither cynical nor defeatist.

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Will we have evening lectures?

Discipleship Travel LLC provides customized itineraries for each group, and will provide evening lectures according to the desires of each group leader. A variety of topics can be presented by gifted speakers: modern politics, archaeology, modern or ancient history, geography, and ministry reports from local ministries.

Evening lectures must be arranged prior to the group’s arrival in Israel.

Will we get to shop?

Because Discipleship Travel LLC puts such an emphasis on the “study” portion of Israel Study Tours, many people wonder if they will get to shop at all. Yes, you will get to shop. But participants need to understand that Discipleship Travel LLC puts a priority on providing great learning opportunities and far less emphasis on shopping. However, that doesn’t mean no shopping; we realize most of our guests want to buy souvenirs and gifts for friends and family. We have no problem providing opportunities to shop, we just don’t build our tours around shopping.


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