The Birth of Israel’s Airforce

Today, Israel’s air force is among the most respected among the nations. It hasn’t always been that way. Below is an interesting video that details the birth of Israel’s air force.

Does Archaeology Support the Bible?

Dr. Randal Price answers the question many people are asking: Does archaeology support the Bible?

Does Archaeology Support the Bible? from on Vimeo.

SourceFlix: The Olive Harvest

SourceFlix has released a new video that illustrates some of the imagery used by the prophet Isaiah.

The Olive Harvest from on Vimeo.

Follow Me by SourceFlix

SourceFlix has released a new video that helps us see and hear the words of John 10:3: “. . . and the sheep hear his voice . . . ”

Follow Me from on Vimeo.

Galilee Fishing Video

Our friends at SourceFlix have done it again. Below is their newest release: Galilee Fishing. Discipleship Travel LLC recommends SourceFlix as a quality, informative, and reliable resource for Bible background materials. Please visit their website.

Galilee Fishing with Watermark from on Vimeo.