Scavenger Hunt – Lavender in Bloom

Lavender is from the mint family and can be seen in Jerusalem. Get a photo of lavender in bloom and get 15 points.

Scavenger Hunt – No Photography Sign

A number of congregations in Israel do not allow photography in their services. If you can get a photo of a no photography sign (from anywhere) you get 25 points.

Scavenger Hunt – Sheep in a field

Sheep can be seen all over the country. If you can get a photo of YOU with some sheep in a field you get 25 points. Add a shepherd for an extra 25 points.

Scavenger Hunt – Almond Blossom

Almond trees can be found all over Israel. However, the challenge is to find one in bloom. If you can, you get 40 points.

Scavenger Hunt – Peace Graffiti

This graffiti can be found in Jerusalem’s Old City. If you find it, take a photo and get 75 points. Find peace and you win.