Scavenger Hunt – Peacock

Peacocks can be seen in a number of places in Israel. This photo was taken in Jerusalem. Get a peacock photo and get 7 points.

Scavenger Hunt – Modesty Sign

Certain areas of Jerusalem (and other cities) are more religiously observant, and thus are more sensitive to modesty issues. If you can get a photo of a modesty sign you get 15 points. Also, please honor the sign.

Scavenger Hunt – Golan Cows

This herd of cows and many others are on the Golan Heights. Take a picture of a cow and get 7 points.

Scavenger Hunt – Mediterranean Sunset

Many groups spend their first night in Israel on the Mediterranean coast in Netanya. Walking along the beach as the sun sets is a wonderful way to get acclimated to Israel’s time zone. Get your tour started with a beautiful sunset photo, which is worth 8 points.

Scavenger Hunt – Mar Saba Monastery

Mar Saba Monastery can be found on the edge of the Kidron Valley in the Judean Desert. Though unlikely, if you get a photo of this Greek Orthodox monastery you get 75 points.