Scavenger Hunt – Lake Ram

Lake Ram is formed in a meteor crater in the Golan Heights. Get a photo of Lake Ram and you get 25 points.

Scavenger Hunt – Land Mine Sign

Land mine signs are remnants of Israel’s wars with her neighbors. They are pretty easy to spot in the Golan Heights. Get a photo of land mine warning and get 20 points. BEWARE: Do not walk beyond any of these signs. The warning is real, the land mines are live.

Scavenger Hunt – Samaritan

This man is a leader in the Samaritan community of Mount Gerizim. Get a photo of a Samaritan and get 25 points.

Scavenger Hunt – Sabra

These prickly pears are called sabras, so are native born Israelis. A common saying in Israel is: Israelis are like a sabra, prickly on the outside and sweet on the inside. Although they are available without thorns at stores and markets, it is common to see Israelis risking the thorns to harvest them at the side of the road. Get a photo of a sabra and get 8 points.

Scavenger Hunt – Rolling Stone Tomb

There are a few rolling stone tombs in Israel. This well preserved rolling stone, shaft tomb is near Megiddo. If your bus stops here, don’t forget to get a photo and 5 points.