Can we visit a local church service while in Israel?

Discipleship Travel LLC encourages tour groups to visit a local church service. Due to our long tenure in Israel, we have contacts with fellowships from a variety of theological affiliations throughout the country. Generally, fellowships that are open to visits by tour groups will provide translation into English.

Simply let us know your desire and we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

Can I get a single room?

A limited number of single rooms are available for our groups. However, we can never offer more than 10% of our rooms as singles, and depending on the season and demand, the number of single rooms available to a group may be significantly less than 10%.

Those desiring a single room are required to pay a single supplement, which is clearly indicated on your group’s information page. All single rooms require a supplement, even in the case that a traveler wants to share a room but can’t find a roommate.

The amount of the supplement varies according to the details of the specific tour (i.e. season, number of days, and specific hotels).

Discipleship Travel LLC can not be responsible for incompatibility issues between roommates. If there is a need to change from double/triple to single rooms during the trip, for whatever reason, Discipleship Travel LLC will attempt to facilitate those arrangements based on availability and payment of the single supplement, but there is no guarantee that such changes will be possible. Only the hotel management can determine availability for room changes.

Scavenger Hunt – Mosque of Omar

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is commonly – even by tour guides! – wrongly identified as the Mosque of Omar. Below is the sign marking the entrance to the Mosque of Omar. You get 8 points if you can get a photo of this sign.


Will we have evening lectures?

Discipleship Travel LLC provides customized itineraries for each group, and will provide evening lectures according to the desires of each group leader. A variety of topics can be presented by gifted speakers: modern politics, archaeology, modern or ancient history, geography, and ministry reports from local ministries.

Evening lectures must be arranged prior to the group’s arrival in Israel.

Galilee Fishing Video

Our friends at SourceFlix have done it again. Below is their newest release: Galilee Fishing. Discipleship Travel LLC recommends SourceFlix as a quality, informative, and reliable resource for Bible background materials. Please visit their website.

Galilee Fishing with Watermark from on Vimeo.