Covid-19 Travel Considerations:

Each participant is solely and personally responsible for compliance or non-compliance with all Covid-19 protocols established by the airlines and/or any relevant governments. Because the Covid-19 protocols are fluid, regularly changing according to current conditions, Discipleship Travel LLC is not responsible for any changes to protocols by any authorities or any losses incurred by a participant as a result of Covid-19 protocols or Covid-19 illness.

Israel currently requires all visitors to have already received the Covid-19 vaccine.

2115 BBC Flight Details

Below are two images of the group’s flight details. NOTE: I have provided all the information I have been provided.

A few explanations:

SGF= Springfield; CLT = Charlotte; IAH = Houton; JFK = New York; DFW = Dallas;
TUL = Tulsa; XNA = Northwest Arkansas; MIA = Miami; TLV = Tel Aviv

1. Kyla, you will fly to JFK from IAH. On the return, you will fly from JFK to IAH. Otherwise you are with the main group.

2. Miguel and Trevor, you will fly together from SGF to CLT. Trevor, you will fly to JFK with the main group. Miguel, you will fly to JFK on a later flight with Richard Edwards. Both of you will fly to TLV with the main group.

3. Richard, you will fly to CLT from TUL. Please find Miguel at CLT and help him get to JFK. This is his first time to fly. You both will fly from JFK to TLV with the main group. You will need to go directly to the gate at JFK due to your later arrival time in JFK.

4. Jim and Charles Goodman, you will fly from XNA to CLT, then continue on to JFK and TLV with the main group.

5. Kevin, Kara, Kyler, Keaton, and Preston, you will fly from SGF to DFW to MIA to TLV together. EXCEPT, Preston, you will fly SGF to DFW earlier than the other four. This group will arrive in TLV at 3:30 PM, 1 hour and 45 minutes before the main group. I will provide Kevin with specific airport arrival instructions.

6. Craig, Ray, and President Milioni will have specific airport arrival instructions for the main group flying from JFK.

7. Airport Arrival Times: International flights require passengers to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure. For larger airports and groups this is important, even necessary. Smaller airports tend to not require that much time, depending on the size of the group and plane. Those who have early departures will likely find that the airport is not open that early. You earlybirds should be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time … even if that is before the airport opens. The main group flying from SGF to CLT will meet at SGF airport at 8:56AM. I will likely be at SGF closer to 8AM (after dropping my son at school), so those who want to be at SGF earlier will have company. If you haven’t already done so, BEGIN NOW making your shuttle plans to get to the airport on time.

8. Locate your travel documents now. Those incude your passport, your insurance papers, your “approval to enter” letter from Israel, and a digital copy of your Covid card (in PDF format).

Everyone needs to make note of the details of your flight to TLV. You will need this information when you upload your documents to the government website. I will send specific details on this process. (You may want to download and save the images.)


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Discipleship Travel LLC recommends that each traveler purchase a travel insurance policy that will sufficiently cover any medical emergencies that may arise. Participants may purchase at additional cost a variety of travel insurance policies that cover trip interruption, lost luggage, and medical emergencies. Depending on the specific policy, participants who purchase insurance within 15-21 days of tour registration will receive additional benefits.

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